Alright, so a little while back, I did a write-up about the changes that Facebook made to its Pages, making it super easy to maintain a personal Facebook profile AND a personal brand Facebook page. Well, that article skimmed the surface on why the upgrade was so great, but this one will get down to more practical ways to harness and take advantage of the Facebook Page’s functionalities, to ultimately build your personal brand presence.

Before we start, you will first need to have a Facebook Page set up. Please note that a Facebook Page is different than a personal profile. If you have not yet set up a Facebook Page, you can start here. Also, before reaching out via your Facebook Page, you’ll want to fill it out as much as possible, with photos and with basic info, so it doesn’t look empty to the people/brands you will be reaching out to. Lastly, you’ll need to know that you can switch between your personal profile and your Facebook Page by going to [Account] > [Use Facebook as Page] and understand that when you do this, you will be speaking in the voice of your personal brand. Once you are good with these things, you’re ready for the 5 tips below.


Finding and liking other Facebook Pages that interest you or that are similar to yours is like finding and adding friends through your personal profile. They will be people/brands that you will interact with and hopefully build a “relationship” with.

Be proactive and go search for them and “Like” them. You probably have 50+ friends on your personal account, so don’t be afraid to get out there and “Like” lots of brands/companies/athletes. But make sure they’re ones that you’re actually interested in, and make sure you’re “using Facebook as your page” when doing this.

Suggestions on people/brands to connect with: leading brands in your sport, leading athletes in your sport. Just search for them within Facebook (while you are using Facebook as your Page) and click “Like” on their page. And then, on their pages, you can take a look at their “Likes” for even more suggestions.


Once you have a handful of pages that you “Like,” you should start to interact with them. First of all, you can keep track of their activity by viewing your Facebook Pages’ News Feed (see picture on the right). If you see something in your page’s news feed that you like or have something to say about, you can like, comment, or share…do it…it’s so quick and simple and will go a long way. Your personal brand is then attached to that interaction, making you visible to all of that brand/athletes’ fans. Make quality comments and people will probably start taking a “Liking” to your page too. Heck, when I simply “Like” a post, I check to see who else “Liked” it and sometimes find new people/brands that I want to connect with. I’m sure I’m not the only one that does this, so a simple “Like” of a post can help get you new fans too.


It kind-of reminds me of MySpace’s “Top 8.” Hahaha, I know you remember this…it was significant to be included in someone’s “Top 8;” it showed that you were one of the more important people in that person’s life. Well, Facebook Pages has something similar. You can set “Featured Likes,” which means that you can determine which Pages get displayed on the left-side of your page. When “Featured Likes” are not set, your page will display random pages that you “Like” and change every time the page is refreshed. This is a cool way to show sponsors or brands or fellow athletes that you support them.

Steps on how to do this:

1.  Click [Edit Page] button (should be towards the top-right).

2.  From the menu on the left, click [Featured].

3.  You can then set your “Featured Likes” by clicking the [Edit Featured Likes] button.

4.  Save. Boom. Simple.

Once you set these “Featured Likes,” don’t be afraid to then do a quick post announcing that you set them…maybe do it on a Friday and tie it in with a “Follow Friday” on Facebook.

“Follow Friday on Facebook…who knew? Check my top 5 ‘Likes’ and like them too.”

“Hey @abc and @xyz, featuring you on my top 5 ‘Likes’ this week. Killer vid you posted this week. Keep ‘em coming.”


So, you just saw me use an @ symbol in that last example. That is called “tagging,” allowing you to directly and publically address a specific Facebook Page. You start by typing @ and then, with no spaces, the beginning letters of their name. You should see a drop-down of page options to choose from based on the first couple of letters you type (see pic).

“Just saw that @Filibuster-Films will be giving away free @SlingshotKite gear once they reach 100 fans. Like them, so we can get this party started.”  


Tagging other pages in your status updates is a good way to show acknowledgement and support of them and hopefully they reciprocate. But, another use of tagging is to tag yourself. You may have already posted from your personal account asking friends to “Like” your athlete Facebook Page and may have included a link to your page, but there is a much better way to go about this. With the way that I just described, your friends first have to click on your link and then click “Like.” They may even get confused and just click the “Like” for the post. Instead, you can tag your page in your personal profile status update and when people hover their mouse over the tagged name, your page’s profile pic/summary will pop up with an option to [Like]. Simple.

Don't add a link to your page and ask for "Likes." This can get confusing.

Tag your page from your personal profile instead, and explain to friends to just hover the mouse and click "Like."

There are a lot of “tips” out there. I really, really tried to find and think of ones that would be most practical and useful to you guys. If you did find any of them useful or have any of your own, please let me know in the comments section. And, while we’re on the topic of Facebook Likes, please show your support and like us on Facebook, so we can get our vain game on (just click the “Like” button immediately below).



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